Tweed Valley Jet Sprint Club - Home To The World Series Finals 2018

We are excited to announce that our very own Cabarita Jet Sprint Track will be home to the finals of the Penrite UIM World Series.

November 3rd and 4th will see mind blowing action here at Cabarita. Tickets are available from the 1st October via the V8 Superboat Website.

Drivers from around the globe will be converging on Tweed Coast to compete for the prestigous World Series Title.


Drivers List:

Unlimited Superboat

Nick Berryman NZ Riverjet [NZ]
Paul Burgess Daly Transport [AUS]
Simon Cain Quality Time [AUS]
Mick Carroll Excalibur [AUS]
Peter Caughey Sprintec [NZ]
Rob Coley Poison Ivy [NZ]
Michael Cunningham True Blue [AUS]
Daniel deVoigt Devo Racing [AUS]
Scott Donald [NZ]
Paul Gaston Heatseeker [AUS]
Tony Giustozzi Excalibur [AUS]
Baden Gray The Specialist [NZ]
Daryl Hutton American Automotive [AUS]
Jeremy Kincaid Rogue [AUS]
Scott Krause Kaos/Penrite [AUS]
Phonsy Mullan Ramjet [AUS]
Kyle Patrick Psycho Racing [USA]
Glenn Roberts Blown Budget [AUS]
Rachael Swarts All Torque [AUS]
Cheryl Welch Natwel Racing [AUS]
Jamie Welch Natwel Racing [AUS]


International Group A (400-Class)

Shane Brennan Ynot [AUS]
Ron Domoe Bad Influence [USA]
Jody Ely Rampage [AUS]
Shane Francis Aussie Apocalypse [AUS]
Mark Garlick Grumpy [AUS]
Jake Garlick Grumpy [AUS]
Ben Hathaway Weapon [AUS]
Daniel James JRE Race Engines [AUS]
Paul Kelly 4Zero Racing [AUS]
Mike Llewellyn Ynot [USA]
Brooke Lucas Troublemaker [AUS]
Neil Marshall Eagle Automotive [NZ]
Peter Monger Mongrel [AUS]
Sean Rice Cosa Nostra [NZ]
Justin Roylance Spitwater Team Outlaw [AUS]
Mitch Roylance BlackJack [AUS]
Ollie Silverton PSP Racing [NZ]
Brett Thornton 2 Obsessed [AUS]
Ross Travers Radioactive [NZ]
Phil Weinthal Black Dog [AUS]
Tony Whalen Ynot [USA]
Joshua Woodroofe-Lucas Troublemaker [AUS]

2018 World Series Jet Sprint Finals